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Sin City



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Because of your hard work and determination, you helped Storm uncover that Rita Elton and Vivian Locker were the murderers of Dennis Briggs. 


Rita Elton's motive for resorting to murder lies at the intersection of passion, desperation, and a deep fear of losing everything she holds dear. Having dedicated her life to environmental sustainability and previously worked on the EcoVitality project, Rita's unwavering commitment to making the world a greener place fuels her determination. When The Greener Way faces the threat of closure and the jeopardization of EcoVitality, Rita's desperation intensifies. Fearing the loss of her life's work, her reputation, and the future of the company she once championed, she succumbs to a dark motive driven by love for Vivian, the fear of failure, and an unyielding desire to protect what she holds dear.


Rita Elton, a council member of Environmental Sustainability for Sinclair City, finds herself entangled in a web of means, paving the path to murder. Driven by her desire to save the EcoVitality project, she takes drastic measures and embezzles funds from the city. With her position of authority and access to financial resources, Rita possesses the means to carry out her plans. Her knowledge of the city's financial systems and the ability to manipulate them becomes a deadly tool in her quest to secure the future of The Greener Way and EcoVitality. These ill-gotten funds become a sinister means to an end, leading her down a treacherous path she may not be able to escape.


Amidst the chaos and anticipation of the Annual Banquet, Rita Elton seizes upon the perfect opportunity to carry out her deadly plan. With numerous guests and a bustling atmosphere, the event provides her with a shield of anonymity and a cover for her actions. The loud music and constant conversations create an ideal backdrop, ensuring that any suspicious activity will go unnoticed. Additionally, her position as a council member grants her access to restricted areas of the venue, including the conference room where the fatal encounter takes place. Rita's knowledge of the banquet's intricacies and the attendees' distraction becomes the opportune moment to eliminate Chief Officer Briggs, a perceived threat to her secret and the future she strives to protect.

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