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Lovely City's
'Tis The Season

Season 4 - Episode 3


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Congratulations Detectives! Because of your hard work and determination, with your help, we were able to determine Holly Holiday-Hopper is responsible for the deaths of Ava Astray, Bradley Button, and Louis Long.  

You know this because Holly stated in a written conversation with Donna Day that she was missing a bracelet.  A bracelet was found at the Christmas party.   The bracelet's morse code message is Joy, Peace, and Merry.  These same words are also on a sticker on each of the chocolate boxes.   The recipe tin has a foil that matches the boxes and includes a recipe using the same toxin found in the victim's autopsy.  


You can confirm your suspicions by logging into Holly's hidden website.  You will discover a letter written to her boys that shares with you her true motive as well as a medical card and driver's license giving her clearance to purchase the same toxin. 

The uncovered evidence made it very apparent that Shelly Sparks and Donna Day embezzled millions of dollars from investors.   However, due to the statute of limitations on theft, LPD cannot prosecute them for their crimes.   Due to this same statute, LPD cannot prosecute Holly for forging the life insurance policy beneficiary.


To learn about the outcome of Holly's trial click below for a letter from the detective. 

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