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Sin City



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Because of your hard work and determination, you helped Storm uncover that Ryan Benner was the murderer of Paula Burgess. 


Ryan, the plumber, was a trusted member of a powerful drug ring that operated in Sinclair City. He had been doing the dirty work for people high up in the organization for years and had made much money doing so. One day, he received an assignment from his superior to eliminate Paula Burgess, a woman who knew about the group's illegal activities.


His superior was concerned that Paula posed a significant threat to the drug ring's operations, and he believed she needed to be eliminated. Ryan was tasked with carrying out the hit, and he did so without hesitation, knowing that his safety and the people who were his superiors depended on it.


Throughout the investigation, it became clear that Ryan was a loyal and trusted member of the drug ring who was willing to do whatever it took to protect the organization and its members. However, his blind loyalty ultimately led to his downfall, as he was caught up in the illegal activities and violence that defined the drug ring's operations.


Ryan, the plumber, had previously visited Paula Burgess' house to fix her water heater. Later that night, he returned and persuaded her to let him back in. Once inside, he attacked and killed her. The investigation later revealed that Ryan had used his previous visit to plan the murder and had duped Paula into letting him back in to carry out his plan.


Ryan, the plumber, had been tasked with eliminating Paula Burgess, a woman who had knowledge of the drug ring he was a part of. He had been given ample opportunity to plan the murder and had taken advantage of his previous visit to Paula's house to identify any potential obstacles and plan his attack.


After he had left Paula's house earlier that day, he had made sure to keep track of her movements, waiting for the right moment to strike. He knew that Paula lived alone and that her house was in a quiet neighborhood, making it easier for him to carry out the hit without drawing too much attention.


Later that night, Ryan saw his opportunity when Paula was alone in her house. He knew that he had to act fast and decisively, and so he returned to her house and persuaded her to let him in. Once inside, he attacked Paula and killed her, making sure to leave the scene before anyone could catch him.

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