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Sin City



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Because of your hard work and determination, not only did you Help Storm you uncovered that William Bendson was the murderer of James Bendson. 


William is a young law student. Who spent his free time gambling and getting into trouble. Will owes over $12,000 to an illegal casino called Royal Speakeasy Casino.


When Will goes to his dad about needing the money, he is told it is time for him to get his life together and figure it out.  Knowing his Cousin, James hit big at the Casino; He decides to ask his older cousin. When James tells him no, Will decides to take matters into his own hands and take the money when no was looking.  


The Library card shows that Will lied that he was at the library till it closed.  You also know he went to the office night because of the mileage report found in Samantha's Private file.

William had full access to the office and knew how to get into the safe. Because of being part of the secret casino, he also knew that James had the money he needed to clean up his debit. 


William knew when everyone would be out of the office as he worked there as a legal assistant part-time. He also knew James had just won a large sum of money he had kept in the safe For Will, this was supposed to be an easy grab-and-go but sadly ended with the results of the death of his cousin James. 

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