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Sin City




Because of your hard work and determination,  you helped Storm uncover that Steven Truet was behind the murder of Dr. Shannon Fisher.


Steven Truet was Lauren Reed's fiance. Lauren was one of Dr. Fisher's Patients through her battle with cancer right up to her death. At her last appointment, Dr. Fisher gave Lauren and Steven the bad news that Lauren's body could no longer fight the cancer which had taken over her body. Lauren only had months to live. During that appointment, Dr. Fisher mistakenly prescribed Lauren the wrong dosage of haloperidol. A couple of days after her appointment with Dr. Fisher, Lauren went into cardiac arrest and died. 

When Steven received the cause of death back from the hospital and saw the high dose of haloperidol, he knew that Dr. Fisher had made a mistake with the dosage of medication that had killed his fiance. Lauren's family reported Dr. Fisher to the Board Of Medicine. After months passed, Lauren's family received a letter from the board notifying them that they had dropped the investigation due to a lack of evidence. Steven later noticed a magazine article about Dr. Fisher becoming the new Medical Director. This information infuriated Steven and drove him to plan the murder of Dr. Fisher. 


Steven took the job as a Janitor during the same shift Dr. Fisher worked. He took the time to learn her schedule and planned her murder. He stole the nurse's access pass and used it on the day of her murder. Steven could easily move around the hospital unnoticed by using back exits.

By gaining Dr. Fisher's trust, he could easily offer coffee without raising suspicion. Once Dr. Fisher died, he entered her room, placed the drugs on her desk, and left the suicide note.  

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