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Sin City



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Because of your hard work and determination,  you helped Storm uncover that Eric Rucker hired Christopher Peterson to plant the bomb that killed Raymond Burke.


Eric Rucker has paid Raymond Burke for decades to rig vehicles to cause accidents and, in many cases, death to the driver.  


After Raymond's recent incarceration, he decided to make changes and go down a better path for himself and his sons.  

Raymond confronts Eric telling him he's planning to leave the garage and no longer work for Eric.   Eric can't afford to have these kinds of loose ends in his business no matter how far away he goes.  However, Eric is not the kind of man to get his hands dirty.   


You know from the post-blast report that someone placed and set the bomb between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.


 The sign-in sheet from the auto body shop and Brian's statement confirmed Chris came during that same time. 

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