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Sin City



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Because of your hard work and determination, not only did you Help Storm exonerate Paul Michaels for a crime he didn't commit. You also uncovered that Kimberly Scott was the true murderer of Lindy McCarthy. 


Kimberly endured years of negativity, high stress, and hard work with Lindy to make a name for herself.   


Kimberly reached her breaking point when Lindy refused to sign a referral to the Talent Agency because of her relationship with Hunter Night.


The forensic report confirmed traces of

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) on the gun used to kill Lindy.  NBR is used in non-latex gloves.  This report was provided to you by email from the Forensic Medical Examiner.  

Kimberly emailed Lindy requesting reimbursement for non-latex gloves that contained NBR.


Kimberly had easy access to Paul's gun.  He had left it inside of his security belt on the clothing rack just outside of Lindy's dressing room. 


 Kimberly not only lied about leaving the room to get the lavender spray that was in the make-up bag. She was also the last one to be seen going into Lindy's dressing room before her death. 

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