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Because of your hard work and determination, you cleared Penny Price's name and uncovered that Sam Sterling was the murderer of John Johnson and Don Dawson, Fay Fallon, and Frank Fallon. 

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Sam worked for a high-profile real estate sales and developer who proposed to expand Devil's Lake Community. The expansion would mean over 45 new houses in Devil's Lake. With the current value of homes in Devil's Lake, he was expecting over 2 million in commission from the sales. Don Dawson and Frank Fallon stood in the way of the HOA Board voting yes on the expansion. With Chris Carter and Ken Keller on the top of the board, he knew he would get his expansion. 


Sam did not expect two things, for the HOA Board to agree to push the vote of the expansion to after the election or for Penny Price to stick her nose where it didn't belong.   


Sam Sterling was a board member and had access to house keys for each victim.   After the Fallons and Dawson were murdered, he worked with Detective West to pin the murders on the Rocks. Ron's cousin River Rock had already been identified as responsible for several other robberies in Lovely. To be safe and for some extra cash, he sold the emerald ring to Rock's Stones while one of their employees was working. 

Penny was poking around and asking too many questions, and during the Halloween party, she mentioned Matt Murdock! He knew she figured something out, and she had to be shut up and fast. To his surprise, Penny was not home! After he killed John, he waited for his opportunity to change the time Penny got home in the guard's gatehouse, and with his brother-in-law's help, Penny would be arrested for John's murder and would make sure the things she learned would not get out. 


Sam was a serial offender of leaving his garbage cans out of the garage, and Carol had enough and took photos as evidence to share with the board.


Behind one of the garbage cans lays a hammer with a yellow handle.   The same hammer was used to kill Johnson.    

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